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Tomb of Kerakos at Paizo & DriveThruRPG

Posted in Pathfinder by Michael LaBossiere on December 4, 2013

A Pathfinder compatible adventure for 3rd-6th level characters.


While most human cities grow with life, the great city of Thetos arose from a devotion to the study of death. Over the centuries, necromancers from around the world (and perhaps other worlds) have been drawn to the secret wisdom hidden within her walls. It is said that even the great necromancer Rils abided for a time within the city.

Tales speak of those who came seeking the knowledge of Rils and most tales end with the final death of the seeker. Some few, such as Kerakos, managed to survive the tests and become great necromancers. When Rils departed from the city his students honored him by creating their own challenges in imitation of those they had faced. Kerakos, reputed to be among the greatest of Rils’ students, reputably created just such a tomb within the desert near Thetos. While the tales of the tomb vary, most of them share a common detail: anyone who can survive the dangers of the tomb can shed the bonds of mortality and gain everlasting existence.

Tomb of Kerakos is a Pathfinder Role Playing Game compatible adventure. It is intended for a party of 3rd-6th level characters. It is written to follow Rils’ Lesser Sanctum, but can be run as a stand-alone adventure.

Here are some of the features of the adventure:

  • Detailed color maps for the adventure.
  • Full statistics are included for all encounters—no need to look up monsters.
  • New Monsters ( Desert Ghast, Desert Zombie, and Kerakos Mummy)
  • New Magic Items (Armor of Kerakos, Scarab of Kerakos).
  • Free Hero Lab portfolio.
  • Giant scorpions.

Available on Amazon
Available at DriveThruRPG
Available at the Paizo Store


Tomb of Kerakos Monsters & Maps PDF

Hero Lab Portfolio Folder

See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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The Tomb of Kerakos

Posted in Pathfinder by Michael LaBossiere on June 23, 2012

A Pathfinder compatible adventure for 3rd-6th level characters.


The great city of Thetos arose in one of the early human kingdoms but, for a variety of reasons, its power did not expand beyond its general geographical region. One reason was that the culture became increasingly focused on the preparations for death and the afterlife. As such, vast resources were expended in the construction of monuments and tombs. The great priests and mages of the area vastly increased their research into the afterlife as well as maintaining a physical existence after death. These studies resulted in great discoveries in the field of necromancy and the fame of Thetos among those who studied such arts grew tremendously. Because of this scholars and practitioners journeyed from afar to attempt to study with these masters of the necromantic arts.

One of those who came to study was the necromancer Kerakos. While many were turned away and other seekers were tricked and used in dark experiments, Kerakos was able to persuade one of the greatest and most enigmatic of the masters, Rils, to teach him in many of the secrets he had discovered. Kerakos proved to be an able student and completed the final test of Rils-surviving a tomb constructed by the master. Kerakos rather liked the idea of using such tests and duplicated his teacher’s approach by establishing suitable challenges for his students. After Rils departed from the city, Kerakos decided to honor his master by maintaining Rils’ challenge tomb and putting promising necromancers to the test. The tomb, located thirty miles away from the city of Thetos, remains to this day and awaits those who would seek the treasure and secrets contained within.

Available on Amazon.


Tomb of Kerakos Monsters & Maps PDF

See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Posted in Business, Miscellaneous by Michael LaBossiere on March 23, 2012

I must confess I am slacking a bit on the blog this week, mainly by posting that I am slacking on the blog. I’ll probably need to be a bit slack the next few weeks as well. The reason is, of course, my job.

On the positive side, this week I have papers due in my ethics class, next week I’m giving tests and the week after that is more papers, this time in my Modern class. After that, I have finals week-which might lead to more slack. As might imagined, my job gets  the majority of my time and the blog gets some of what I have left.

On the negative side, it looks certain that I won’t be teaching this summer. Like most faculty, I am on a nine month contract (that means three months of unpaid “vacation”) and I am not guaranteed summer employment, even when there are students enough to overfill the class (which is always the case). This is supposed to be due to budget cuts. Education is rather odd in this way-there are, right now, students who would fill the class I used to teach in the summer.  To use an analogy, there are customers who are ready to buy the shelves clear, yet the shelves are to be kept bare and the store closed. I must admit I do not quite get why this works the way it does, given that what faculty are paid to teach a class is generally way, way under what a class brings in. But I’m just faculty and hence have only a very indirect influence on things.

Since I need to pay for things like food, I need to devote a lot of time to writing. As might be imagined, writing this blog does not pay-but writing for gaming companies, Amazon and Barnes & Noble does. As such, I’ll need to focus even more effort on writing that actually results in some income. Fortunately, I just finished a contracted book (I signed a NDA, so I cannot say anything until it is officially announced) and I am busy lining up other contracts and writing until I run out of words.

I will, of course, keep this blog going and will also continue writing for the other blogs I contribute to. It is, after all, a compulsion.

My latest venture is that I’m taking a stab at selling material for Paizo’s Pathfinder on Amazon. While gaming is not as big as it was in the golden age of dice, perhaps this will help a bit. In any case, you can check out my test module, Little Island at Amazon. Like my other books, it is 99 cents, of which 65 cents goes to my benevolent book overlord, Amazon. Amazon actually is fairly generous-my contracted work usually gets me about 8.5%.

I put up an author’s page at Amazon, which allows me to fully experience the joyous delusion that I am an author.  It is  a wonderful thing. I’m just waiting for Oprah to discover me.

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Once Men on Sale

Posted in Science by Michael LaBossiere on July 26, 2008

My science fiction/horror book for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, One Men, is now on sale.

You can buy it here.

Dice Age

Posted in Miscellaneous by Michael LaBossiere on April 12, 2008

Having recently lost a player, my gaming group is trying to recruit. Ron, our most obsessive gamer, has been scouring the net for gamers and ways to find gamers. By the way, this is D&D style gaming-as opposed to gambling or players in the sense of those hated by player haters.

One new resource is Dice Age which is sort of a Myspace for gamers-only without (so far) the porn spammers. So far the site is very small (14 members) but it just started and might become a powerhouse of geek networking. Then again, it might fade away into oblivion.

Another resource is Gleemax, which is owned by Wizards of the Coast. It is in the Alpha stage, although it has been operating for a while.

If you are a gamer, check it out. If you are a gamer in Tallahassee and want to join a group, then contact me.

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Finnish Sci-Fi: Star Wreck

Posted in Humor, Science by Michael LaBossiere on March 23, 2008

While Finland is generally not regarded as the sci-fi capital of the world, a rather impressive work of sci-fi parody has emerged from that land.

The film is a an amazing parody of two great sci-fi franchises:Babylon 5 and Star Trek. While the production values of the live scenes are not up to Hollywood standards, the animated space battles are equal to anything I’ve seen on TV. Seeing Federation star ships going phaser to laser with Earth Force ships is sure to give any true nerd a spockgasm of geekish delight.  The film is also pretty damn funny.

The dialog  is in Finnish, but subtitled versions are available. You can download the film (via bit torrent or direct download) for free or buy the disks on the website.

They have truly reached the heights of nerdtasticness by also releasing a role playing game based on the film’s universe.

I have long suspected that Finland harbored some great and powerful nerds. Some years ago I received an email from that fine country asking if my Call of Cthulhu adventures could be converted to Finnish. I was all for that-madness should be shared.