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Puerto Rico: First Impressions

Posted in Miscellaneous by Michael LaBossiere on December 30, 2009

I’m currently in Puerto Rico, having flown her from Orlando on the 21st This is my first trip here, so it is all new to me. Or, rather, new in some ways and old in others. Naturally, I am inclined to try to wedge my experiences here into familiar categories and ways of seeing things. For example, since I am from Maine and have lived in Ohio and Florida, I tend to see things in comparison with those states. Interestingly enough, Puerto Rico has similarities to all three. Not surprisingly, the temperature is very similar to that of Florida in the summer-that is, way too hot for a Yankee like me. There are also similar plants such as palm trees.

The sidewalks and general feel of the smaller towns reminds me a great deal of many small Maine and Ohio towns. I know that might sound odd, but sidewalks say a great deal about a place-at least to runners. I rather like the fact that sidewalks are common and I had no problem running around safely. In contrast, Tallahassee has fewer sidewalks relative to where I have been.

The architecture shows, obviously enough, strong Spanish influences. Oddly enough, this makes some of the public buildings convey the same sort of old European feel as some buildings in New England. While the Spanish style is different from the old English style they do seem to convey a similar sort of feeling. Or perhaps this is just me. The towns also have a town square, which is very similar to the New England approach of having a town center. Not surprisingly, the coastal areas have a similar feel to Maine coastal cities. My girlfriend, who is from here, noted that Portland looked very similar to some places she had been in Puerto Rico.

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