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The Tomb of Kerakos

Posted in Pathfinder by Michael LaBossiere on June 23, 2012

A Pathfinder compatible adventure for 3rd-6th level characters.


The great city of Thetos arose in one of the early human kingdoms but, for a variety of reasons, its power did not expand beyond its general geographical region. One reason was that the culture became increasingly focused on the preparations for death and the afterlife. As such, vast resources were expended in the construction of monuments and tombs. The great priests and mages of the area vastly increased their research into the afterlife as well as maintaining a physical existence after death. These studies resulted in great discoveries in the field of necromancy and the fame of Thetos among those who studied such arts grew tremendously. Because of this scholars and practitioners journeyed from afar to attempt to study with these masters of the necromantic arts.

One of those who came to study was the necromancer Kerakos. While many were turned away and other seekers were tricked and used in dark experiments, Kerakos was able to persuade one of the greatest and most enigmatic of the masters, Rils, to teach him in many of the secrets he had discovered. Kerakos proved to be an able student and completed the final test of Rils-surviving a tomb constructed by the master. Kerakos rather liked the idea of using such tests and duplicated his teacher’s approach by establishing suitable challenges for his students. After Rils departed from the city, Kerakos decided to honor his master by maintaining Rils’ challenge tomb and putting promising necromancers to the test. The tomb, located thirty miles away from the city of Thetos, remains to this day and awaits those who would seek the treasure and secrets contained within.

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Tomb of Kerakos Monsters & Maps PDF

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