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An Important Philosophical Question

Posted in Aesthetics, Humor, Philosophy, Running by Michael LaBossiere on December 13, 2012

WTP raised perhaps the most important philosophical question of the 21st century:

How many pictures of a shirtless Mike does the internet actually need?

This question has a clear normative aspect in that it addresses the matter of what the internet needs. This could be taken as a moral question or, more plausibly, an aesthetic question. Taken as an aesthetic question it raises the issue of the aesthetic needs of the internet.

Fortunately, this is one philosophical question that admits of a definitive answer. This answer is, of course, “all of them.”

This answer can be based on numerous theories, since all plausible theories will yield the same answer. For example, the shirtless imperative states that “act in a way such that if a picture of Mike shows him shirtless, then it is posted on the internet.” As another example, the shirtutilitarian theory states  “actions are good as they tend to promote the posting of pictures of a shirtless Mike; wrong as they tend to retard the posting of pictures of a shirtless Mike.” Even the shirtless command theory makes the matter clear: “thou shalt post shirtless pictures of Mike on the internet.”

The Noble Philosophy Prize for this year will be going to WTP for his work on this matter.

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