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The RIP Method of Studying

Posted in Universities & Colleges by Michael LaBossiere on October 23, 2012
Students often ask me about how to study, usually after doing poorly on a test or three. I’ve condensed my advice down to RIP:
1. Review: Look over the notes regularly-don’t try to memorize them. Reading through them repeatedly will make the information stick.
2. Inquire: Ask questions about things that are not clear.
3. Practice: Take the practice test 2-3 days before the real test and see how that goes. If it goes badly, focus on the content that caused the most trouble.
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  1. urbannight said, on October 23, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    In college, I would sit down with my lecture notes and my reading notes and a new notebook and my text book. I would then use the headings from the text book and merge my reading and lecture notes into one set of notes. This would become my study booklet for the exams. When the prof. gave out any type of study guide or mention things to focus on, I would write out possible answers and possible short essays. It worked pretty well. If nothing else, it made me read the material enough so that it stuck in my mind.

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