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Parking Madness

Posted in Miscellaneous by Michael LaBossiere on September 24, 2011
Bad parking

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Although I pay for faculty parking, I almost always end up parking at the football stadium in the general parking. This is mainly because I would rather walk to my office than drive around and around trying to find an open spot. I could pay a lot more for gated parking, but I’d rather just walk. If I was an administrator, I could get my own assigned parking spot, right near my office. However, I am a mere faculty member and hence unworthy of such perks.

When I first started parking in the stadium, I went to do a right turn into a space and almost got rammed as a student tried to shoot past me by driving through the parking spaces to my right (which are right against the sidewalk). Fortunately, I saw the oncoming car and was able to stop in time. The next time I went to park, I slowed down and put on my turn signal, hoping that would indicate I was, in fact, trying to park. I almost got hit again as another driver tried to go past me-once again on my right side and once again by driving through the parking spaces. In both cases, there was plenty of room on my left and no oncoming cars. As such, I was not sure why the drivers decided to do what they did-unless they wanted me to hit them or they wanted to hit me. Or maybe  they had…parking madness.

In the face of this madness, I adopted a strategy of just coming to a stop  after  turning on my signal when there is a vehicle shooting up behind me (people always seem to be in a huge hurry in the lot and pissed that anyone ahead of them might be slowing down to park). Half the time, they whip around to my left. Half the time they whip around to my right and go through the parking spaces. I do wonder if they would just ram a car if anything was parked there.  So far I have managed to avoid getting slammed into, but I suspect it is just a matter of time before someone rear ends my truck while under the influence of parking madness.

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  1. ajmacdonaldjr said, on September 24, 2011 at 10:36 am

    I agree. Like you, I park where there is plenty of room to park and simply walk. It amazes me to see person after person spend more time searching for a close parking spot than they would have spent parking farther away and simply walking a little further. People in general are not very bright and this is evident at every store parking lot. People are also very lazy, which also contributes to this “parking madness”. I am nether stupid or lazy, so I have little problem with parking. There’s always a parking spot somewhere away from all the madness, and I enjoy the walk. I especially enjoy watching all the idiots who are fighting for spots close to the building while I am walking by. I also back into parking spots, because when I am pulling up to the spot I am able to see any hazards (people, cars) much easier before I back in than when I pull into a space facing forward, which makes it much harder to spot hazards when I then need to look backwards while backing out.

  2. urbannight said, on September 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    As a compiler in an auto claims department, this whole thing makes me cringe.

  3. FRE said, on September 24, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    I also have had drivers pass me on the right when I had my right turn signal on. When I lived in a condominium, in the condo driveway it was necessary to be far to the left to be able to turn sharply enough to the right to get into the garage, yet I was passed on the right when turning into the garage with my right signal on.

    In Fiji (where driving is on the left), I had my right signal on to turn right into my driveway when I was passed on the right.

    There is something seriously wrong with drivers who fail to anticipate the obvious intended moves of other drivers and act in such a way as to risk an accident. If I had my way, driver training here would be as thorough as it is in some European countries which have a much lower accident rate than we have. In some countries, one must take 80 hours of classroom training before ever getting behind the wheel. There are videos which teach students how to anticipate and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and students are tested on their ability to do so. The behind the wheel training, testing, and road law enforcement are also very thorough. Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to implement such a program here because people expect to get a license quickly and cheaply. However, such a program would probably pay off in reduced insurance costs.

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