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Tuesday-Thursday Sandwich

Posted in DIY/Recipes by Michael LaBossiere on February 20, 2010

Every Spring semester I teach from 11:00 to 8:15 on Tuesday and 11:00-4:25 on Thursday. Since my classes are back to back and run through lunch time, I need to carry my lunch with me and devour it between classes. Obviously, a sandwich is a good choice for lunch on the run.

Since I make my sandwiches the day before, I found that putting lettuce or tomato on one would result in a soggy sandwich. In the past, I dealt with this by just having cheese and meat sandwiches. But, I found these a bit bland and somewhat less than ideal from a health standpoint. So, I decided to create a sandwich that would have vegetables, good flavor and possess a distinct lack of sogginess. To this end, I created my Tuesday-Thursday sandwich.

While you can vary the ingredients, here is how to make one: start with whole wheat flat bread and put the cheese on it. Place the meat (my favorite is roast beef) on the cheese (the cheese “protects” the bread from the meat juice). I then dice red and green peppers and sprinkle them over the meat along with mushrooms. I then add some diced jalapeno peppers to add a bit of bite. The whole thing is topped off with shredded carrots. Since it is too big for a typical sandwich bag, I usually just roll it and then wrap the whole thing in tinfoil.

Those who are not fond of meat can, of course, leave it out and just go with the vegetables and cheese (or cheese-like product).

It is also really good toasted, although I don’t have an oven in my office.

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  1. P.E.N.Name said, on February 20, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    When I was still AKA Alias I was labeled a ‘Tofu-eater’ on here. 😦 Surprisingly I don’t eat tofu. And so it goes with labeling. I’m sure most of us have ingested some soy products in the long list of ingredients of many products they eat.Oh. I came within a foot of a tofurky once. To my point. I’m shocked SHOCKED I say that you haven’t somehow fit some tofu into your sammie. Smash it up. Spice it with something. Mix it with ground veggies (or oh my Lord meat!). Scoop it into a tiny plastic container. Stick it in your lunch box. Don’t forget a knife to spread it.

  2. Michael LaBossiere said, on February 22, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    I’m not a big fan of tofu, except when it is in hot & sour soup. I don’t mind black bean and mushroom veggie burgers, though.

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