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The Ugly Jog

Posted in Humor, Running by Michael LaBossiere on August 23, 2009

I’m now twenty weeks out from my quadriceps tendon repair surgery. I have been pool running for a few weeks and can walk almost completely normally now. I even started jogging a bit, just to see what my leg can do.

As you might imagine, my attempt at jogging is rather ugly. I call it jogging because 1) it sure ain’t running and 2) I am jogging in the literal meaning of the term. The main thing is that my left leg doesn’t quite recall how to run, so it sort of catches a bit-thus the jogging.

Not surprisingly, the effect is a rather ugly one. No, I don’t mean how I look, although my jealous detractors might say otherwise (yes, I mean you Brad Pitt). Mainly it is ugly because it is, well, ugly. Being sensible and sensitive to others, I try to practice my jogging out of the sight of others by sticking to the woods. Of course, sometimes people do see me.

Person:“Say, son are y’all okay? Did a possum bite your leg or maybe a rattlesnake? Or is you having one of them there seizure things? I hope not, you know that Obama’s health care plan is to euthanize sick people. Just like those Nazis.”

Me: “Nah. I’m just trying to learn how to run again. I had knee surgery a while back.”

Person: “Well, you sure look awful doing that. It a’hurts my brain to see you. Like watching some sort of messed up bird caught in a lawn mower or something like that.”

Me: “Hey, it isn’t that bad.”

Person: “Son, if y’all could see it, you’d know I’m a’speaking God‘s own truth. Its a wonder He doesn’t put you down. You know, in all His mercy and that. If ya want, I kin get my shooting iron and put yer down.”

Me: “I’m good.”

Person: “Suit yerself son. I’m goin ta avert my eyes now while ya hobble away. My dawg is to.”

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  1. T. J. Babson said, on August 23, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    Here’s a Democratic politician comparing town hall protesters to Nazis. Suddenly dissent isn’t so patriotic anymore.


    Baird said he’s using the new system because he fears his political opponents may be planning “an ambush” to disrupt his meetings, using methods Baird compared to Nazism.

    “What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” Baird, D-Vancouver, said in a phone interview. “I mean that very seriously.”

    • Michael LaBossiere said, on August 24, 2009 at 5:26 pm

      Misuse of the Nazi gambit is a bipartisan thing. My same view applies to this: using the Nazi gambit this way is a bad analogy (hence poor logic) and also an insult to the victims and opponents of the real Nazis.

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