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Kiwi Accomplished

Posted in Humor, Philosophy by Michael LaBossiere on March 27, 2008

Some phrases and terms seem to be inherently funny. For example, “weasel” is taken by the wise to add humor to almost any situation. For example, to saying “I have keys in my pocket” is not funny. But the phrase “I’ve got some weasels in my pocket…I think they just stole my keys” is somewhat more amusing.

I think I managed to stumble upon another such phrase today while teaching.

I was discussing George Berkeley’s philosophy (he is the fellow who started the whole “if a tree falls in a forest” thing). He claims that the world consists of nothing but spirits and ideas. On his view, we can create some of our own ideas. So, I asked my students if that made sense.

Student: “What does that mean? How would I create an idea?”
Me: “Well, think of a Kiwi.”
Student: “The bird or the fruit?”
Me: “Either.”
Student: “Okay.”
Me: “Kiwi accomplished?”
Student: “Yes, Kiwi accomplished.”

I’m not sure why, but everyone found that rather amusing.

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  1. Marcus Bone said, on March 31, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Being a New Zealander myself, we are often referred to as ‘Kiwis’ (in the same manner Americans are referred to as Yanks i.e. a generalisation that is usually said with no other implications), I find this oddly entertaining as well. However, that said, taking the fact that Kiwi’s can indeed be people, a Kiwi could in fact be ‘accomplished’ (as say a pianist, etc?).

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