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Myspace Spam Back in Force

Posted in Miscellaneous, Technology by Michael LaBossiere on December 19, 2007

The Eternal War of Spam marches on. When the Myspace tech people added some new measures to prevent Spam, I noticed a huge drop in the crap coming into my inbox. But, as in all wars, the arms race has continued. The evil spammers have found a way to get around these measures and the spam has returned. I have notcied a new tactic in the Myspace spam-the spammer poses as a hot chick and writes an email as if s/he knows the recipient. For example:

“Hey, what’s up? you look sooo familiar! I believe we got drunk together in a party last week. Are you the guy that took Jessica home? Jessica told me she had a wonderful time with you!
Anyway Jessica is becoming more and more sexy. Here’s the link to Jessica’s private pictures, PLEASE do not give this out to anyone this is for you ONLY!”

It is a somewhat clever approach in that most Myspace users probably have been rather drunk and at a party in the last week. Also, it does take the classic approach of trying to make the recipient feel special. It is the same tactic that salespeople have been using for years (“I wouldn’t sell the car at this price to anyone else…but for you I’ll knock $500 right off the top”). Also, the promise of naked pictures probably is quite a lure to some people.

Spam tells us a great deal about the world. I’d like a better world, please. 🙂

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  1. Andreas said, on December 30, 2007 at 12:28 am

    I keep getting this spam-mail from a girl called emily.
    This is what she has to offer:

    “emily is a member of MySpace and is inviting you to join.

    emily says: meet me on windows live messenger at ******** i saw yourpic and think your attractive”
    “This email was sent by someone who knows you on MySpace.com.”

    Nice, I like chicks that are randomly messaging me because they find me attractive! But wait a minute.. I don’t even have a MySpace-account, so how can she have seen me there and the email states that she knows me through MySpace.com!

    Clever, but not clever enough. 😉

    What’s up with your girl there, haha! She’s giving you naked pictures of her FRIEND?! – and she doesn’t know if you really are the guy her friend hooked up with. Well if I happened to find someone my friend hooked up, I wouldn’t send a message myself and tell that my friend is becoming more and more sexy……. But maybe that’s a girl thing. 🙂 I don’t know.

    Can virusses spread through adding an email-address?

  2. Strayed said, on January 17, 2008 at 4:00 am

    Best not to and one of these emails to your Msn list, msn can act as a gate way for a hacker, to aviod firewalls or simply upload a Lovely Picture “oh have a look at my pretty body dont you think im sexy” what guy is going to say know tot that, my brother was stupid enough to uplaod one of these and it corrupted every pic he had on his comp,

    so stick with number 1 rule If you dont know them, you dont know them and dont open them!

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